• Opening hours Mon - Fri 6.00 - 22.00
  • Car wash Nupaky 148,
    25101 Říčany u Prahy
  1. Car wash

Car wash


Our cleaning station is located near the town of Říčany 8.5 km of the motorway D1.

We offer the following services

  • Rinse of cisterns and silos (exluding compounds class 6 ADR)
  • Desinfection of vehicles
  • Washing of IBC containers and other bins
  • Cleaning of the interiors of cooling trailers
  • Truck and bus washing
  • Washing of specialty vehicles and their superstructures (excavators, cranes, construction machinery)
  • Interior wet cleaning of vehicles and buses
  • Manual and brush washing of personal and commercial vehicles

The company is a member of the Czech Association of Cleaning Stations, a joint stock company, and a holder of the SQAS certificate, authorized to issue a Uniform European Cleaning Document (ECD) in cooperation with ECTA and CEFIC.

The cleaning station is equipped for rinsing of cisterns and washing of personal cars and commercial vehicles, cleaning of IBC containers and other bins.

All cleaning operations are done in compliance with relevant regulations for technological processes valid in the EU. All waste resulting from cleaning is liquidated ecologically, pursuant to relevant regulations of the Czech Republic/EU.